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My Backyard

A peek of our Agarwood garden pictures.

We separate pieces of agarwood for oil manufacture here.


[img src=]4310
[img src=]2160
[img src=]1650
[img src=]1730
[img src=]1550
[img src=]1710
[img src=]1850
[img src=]1260
[img src=]1510
[img src=]1260
[img src=]1160
[img src=]1310
[img src=]970
[img src=]900
[img src=]830
[img src=]800
[img src=]760
[img src=]700
[img src=]650
[img src=]640
[img src=]790
[img src=]740
[img src=]670


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