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Agarwood Chips

Pictures of Sample stock in this album is for reference only. The actual stock may have sold out.

Super Pontianak

Super Malinau Kalimanatan

Super Ambon

AB Pontianak

Double Super Papua

Double Super Malinau Kalimantan

Agarwood Chips Grade

[img src=]5900
[img src=]3030
[img src=]2060
[img src=]2320
[img src=]1880
[img src=]2010
[img src=]2170
[img src=]1560
[img src=]1500
[img src=]1290
[img src=]1170
[img src=]1030
[img src=]1090
[img src=]860
[img src=]710
[img src=]750
[img src=]740
[img src=]630
[img src=]700
[img src=]710
[img src=]760
[img src=]760
[img src=]670
[img src=]620
[img src=]590
[img src=]580
[img src=]620
[img src=]1030
[img src=]1330
[img src=]910
[img src=]890

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